Click to enlargeEquestrian Knights of Uma

Available To New and Experienced Trainers:

* It's Active * Professional * Appeals To A Broad Audience * Done Indoors or Outdoors * Compact * Easy To Transport and Setup * Reusable/Nothing More To Buy * Designed For New And Experienced Trainers * Proven Results * It's Fun!

Featuring: * Durable Roller Case * Participant Introduction Video * Reprintable Paper Goods * A Training Video That Shows You How To Facilitate It * Background Interview Video * Reusable Props * Color Coded Materials Bags * Written Instructions * Questions To Promote The Learning * Five Years Of Field Testing

Description: The Equestrian Knights Of UmaŽ is an interactive training system to enhance teamwork and reveal the vital benefits of collaboration and leadership within an organization.

Three specialty teams gather materials that will be used to construct a launcher to shoot ammunition and messages to a target. The whole event is set in the year 392 A.D., so people usually construct catapults or other similar devices to hit the target.

At the end of the activity, participants discover how important it is to make wise decisions that support the whole organization and their smaller team.

The training system is designed to be done indoors; however, it is certainly all right to take it outside.

Trainer Stats: * Takes 2 hours for participants to complete * Group Size: 9 - 30 per system * Setup Time: 30 - 90 minutes * Cleanup Time: 20 minutes * Field Tested For 10 Years * All the equipment can be used again and again.

If you would prefer for a DoingWorks facilitator to conduct a participant event using the system, contact us at 512-230-0969.


Equestrian Knights of Uma Training System EKU$3,795.00
Click to enlargeMaterials on DiskA participant introduction video, a facilitator how-to video, and all the perishable paper items are included on a compact disc that is PC and Macintosh compatible.

Click to enlargeGathering MaterialsThree teams locate bags containing various building materials they may use to construct their device. To keep things organized for the trainer, the bags are labled and color coordinated.

Click to enlargeObstaclesDuring the journey, teams may find booby traps that are placed near, but not at a materials site. Inside the small package the team will read that some of their team members cannot see or walk as a result of opening the package.

Click to enlargeBowlins of the Bow ForestThis training system lets the facilitators have some fun too.

In the scenario, the facilitators take the role of Bowlins of the Bow Forest -- a neutral people in the struggle with the Equestrian Knights of Uma. The Bowlins allow the participants to gather materials from their forest.

Three hooded cloaks are included for the facilitators to wear during the event. Although the cloaks are optional, they help bring the scenario to life and add some excitement. The event can be facilitated by one, two, or three Bowlins.

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