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Build yourself a working trebuchet for fun or team building. This one stands approximately 5 feet tall and has a 10 foot throwing arm. It is big enough for a team or an individual to use.

The plans for this PVC trebuchet include a full equipment list, suggested tools and techniques, and photographs. It comes in a PDF format approximately 5.5 MB so that you can zoom in on the photos.

This design has thrown bottles of water 100 yards and can also be made to toss water balloons. It works well for interested individuals or can be used in team building. The design uses people power to propel the launched object instead of weights. As a result, the trebuchet is lightweight and easily portable. It is also made to disassemble into single pipes for more compact transport or storage.

If you have design questions or suggestions, feel free to email to


Click to enlargeVideo: Trebuchet in action