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Virtual World is a team building training system. It focuses on problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, and team concepts.

Virtual World is a challenging journey to more effective teamwork. It is facilitated outdoors at places like business grounds, schools, parks, or even personal property. The simulation employs orienteering techniques; however, no compass experience is required.

This system comes with everything you need to set-up your own course including training video CD, carrying case, compasses, markers, reference manual, facilitator manual, and participant log booklets in PDF and text formats.

The scenario explains that the participants have been sucked into a virtual reality team building simulator and have make their way back to reality. On their journey they will need to locate access buttons using compasses. The problem is that when the team locates an area there are several buttons and only one is in the correct location. Choosing an incorrect button has unusual consequences for the team. Choosing the correct button gets the team the coordinates for the next leg of the journey and some "get out of trouble" cards that may be used later.

The "virtual facilitator" watches the team and deals with issues such as leadership, problem-solving, decision-making, strategic planning, and teamwork. The facilitator has many opportunities to guide team discussions and work on transfer of learning throughout the team's journey.

If you would prefer for a DoingWorks facilitator to conduct a participant event using the system, contact us at 512-230-0969.


Click to enlargeVirtual World Training SystemThe Virtual World System includes the following:

- Reusable supplies to run the simulation for up to 11 participants at a time. (Ask about multiple-system discounts.)
- Reference Manual and Facilitator Manual
- A 50-minute training video on CD
- Travel Log booklets in PDF and text formats on CD

When you purchase the Virtual World system, a DoingWorks representative will be available to answer questions if needed. Feel free to call us at 512-778-6640 or e-mail at

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